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Instantly download every single premium png image from in full resolution and start bringing your photoshop renderings to life. Whether your an architectural visualization pro, an architecture student, a photoshop collage artist, a web designer, a graphic designer, or a photoshop hobbyist, downloading it all will help you win over your next big commercial client, take your portfolio to the next level, actually finish your renderings in time before your next critique, expand your graphic resource library, and just create more awesome stuff in photoshop.

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active cutout people

You will find png people performing just about every action imaginable. The pack features people laying, sitting, walking, running, jumping, lifting weights, doing yoga, dancing, skating and more.

png images shot from every angle

You will find people images shot from all different angles from bird’s eye to ant’s eye and everything in between including front view, back view, side view, top view, and more.

cutout people from around the world

Our collection includes a diverse range of cutout people from all walks of life including casual people, business people, modern people, urban people, rural people, asian people, arabic people, white people, black people, women, men, kids, families, students, and more.

high resolution png images

Thousands of woman and man hours have been spent meticulously hand cropping these images from their background. From hair to bicycle spokes, every little last detail has been cutout in order for you to blend these images seamlessly into your photoshop rendering.