png people from all walks of life

Instantly download hundreds of high quality people images meticulously cutout from their backgrounds for use in architecture renderings and photoshop projects.

Casual People

Keep it casual and add people dressed for any ocassion to your renderings.

X-treme people

Add some X-citement to your projects with skaters, motocross riders, and adrenaline junkies.

business people

Take care of business with people in suits, on the phone, on the computer, and sitting at desks.

fitness people

Build muscle and burn fat with these people doing yoga, lifting weights, running, and climbing.

winter people

Bundle up with freezing cold people in winter jackets skiing, skating, and snowboarding.

beach people

Soak up the sun with people in swimsuits tanning, swimming, and surfing.

sports people

Get your game face on for football, hockey, lacross, golf, soccer, rugby, you name it.

nature people

Get outside and enjoy some fresh air with hikers, kayakers, mountain climbers, and adventurers.

underdeveloped people

Learn to appreciate the simple things in life like building shelter and farming the land.

modern people

Get up to speed with people on their smart phones. The world is moving fast.

young people

Relive the glory days with children playing, laughing, and having fun.

old people

Learn from the wise who've been around for generations and have seen it all.

countless hours cropping

We've spent thousands of hours hand cropping people from their backgrounds so that they'll blend seamlessly into your photoshop projects.

caught in action

Bring your renderings to life with shots of real living, breathing, and moving people.

people laying

people sitting

people standing

people pointing

people walking

people running

people jumping

people kicking

people lifting

people cycling

people swimming

people climbing

people flying

people dancing

people kissing

versatile photography

Photos shot from a range of different views under a vast array of settings and lighting conditions.


Add life-like detail to your renderings with close-up shots of people in high focus.


Populate your project with hundreds of people in seconds with far away shots of groups and crowds.

bird's-eye view

Bring a crowd to your aerial perspective and plan rendings.

ant's-eye view

Views from down under for dynamic perspective renderings and skyscraper shots.


Brighten up your projects with people captured outdoors in broad daylight.


Turn off the lights with a lot less adjustment layers in photoshop.

freedom of use

Feel free to use images in commercial projects, including architectural renderings and graphics for web and print.

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